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Aquí su espacio para la promoción
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Aquí su espacio para la promoción
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Welcome to my website www.la-reina-negra.com


These are the colours of the Canarian flag but have been also the colours of the previous image of the brand Citroën .
The classic car shown on this page is a Citroën Traction Avant Berline 15 SIX “Decouvrable” . In France the car was called “La Reine de la Route” (Queen of the Road) .
This website has a Spanish title because in Tenerife the official language spoken is still Spanish . Besides the classic car has a Spanish historical license-plate. “LA REINA” because of her gorgeous looks and her unmistakable road capabilities and characteristics. “NEGRA” because the colour black remains the most beautiful colour for this vintage car.
A unique image of this car is shown , together with it´s people. Really happened (funny) stories are being told . It tells the almost completely the story of the “Car dealer Banville” in Paris in the year 1951 till the year 2009 in Tenerife.

Corstiaan with "La Reina Negra" in front of the highest mountain in Spain, "Mount Teide" in Tenerife


The Spanish/Canarian oldtimer “La Reina Negra” will definitely participate in the famous Paris-Moscow-Paris rally.
This rally is not a timed or speed rally but entrants must meet an easy time table between cities. The rally will start at "Chateau Versailles" outside Paris, on the 20th of July 2009. The arrival in Moscow is planned for the 9th of August. We will end the rally in Paris on the 28th of August 2009.
Never before in history has a classic car from the Canary Islands covered such a impressive distance. The rally itself has 6265 km to overcome but “La Reina Negra” will drive more than 10.000 km. First we have to take the ferry from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the mainland. From the city Cadiz we will continue our journey to Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucia) , Mérida (Extremadura), Salamanca (Castilla-Leon) y Pamplona (Foral de Navarra). In France we will stay in the village Hondaye. This village is situated along the border of Spanish/French Basque country. We head forward by taking the secondary roads to the capital of France, Paris.

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